Boko Haram: The Vampires of Nigeria?

Nwachukwu Egbunike

Boko haram (BH) has won an exclusive franchise to violate Nigeria. These butchers have opened up a fountain of blood, bullets, bombs, deaths and more deaths. It seems that we all wake up each morning with the dread of another Boko haram bomb projectile. The almost predictable assault on Christians in their temples of worship every week, has added a new dimension to the poisonous cuisine prepared in the death kitchen of Nigeria’s number one merchants of destruction.

My country currently faces the gravest threat to its cohesion. This violence uncorked by BH will certainly decide whether our oft-mouthed acclaim of a one and indivisible nation is real or a phantom. In a society where people are denied of their most basic right – life – what more is left? In the past the theater of death for Christians was the coliseum, in northern Nigeria it is in churches.

While some have maintained that the BH’s grievance is against the state, why in heaven’s name would their victims be innocent souls that only wish to worship their God within his sanctuary? Passions are high and restrain may be quite difficult. The ‘reprisals’ by Kaduna youths who took on Muslims after their kith were buttered is a case in point. In the end, BH would have achieved their aims – kill, mien and ignite a war. Violence has been deregulated for both Muslims and Christians!

The fire that would decimate more has just been enkindled and no one seems to care. The down side of revenge is that it never ends. Parties to a fight always dream up more cruelty to surpass the last one. In the end it would take more effort to quench the blood thirst once the appetite has been cultivated. BH has hoisted confusion on our land. Gorier because charity is now interpreted as timidity or plain stupidity.

However, what is more painful is that BH seems to have succeeded in redefining our perception of reality. With the bombs detonating like fire crackers, the deaths have added the unfortunate angle of numbness. In this case, not the pain of others dying – although it still remains – but sadly we are beginning to view each death as one more occurrence. Each soul that goes is viewed from the compass of statistics – another number added to the hole of death. Our common humanity is on trial because these ‘numbers’ are someone else father, mother, brother, sister, niece or nephew. How can we be indifferent to their wails of anguish? To the promises and plans that have been cut short? People are been killed, families are perpetually thrown into mourning.

Justice is the first step in creating an atmosphere of peace. These butchers and their sponsors have to be grilled for their offences. What is not so clear is whether the establishment is committed to putting a stop to the BH vampires. This is no longer a situation that will be abetted by strong words, action is need. The resolve for action is nowhere to be found. Nigeria is like a plane on autopilot, a battle ground between those who vowed to make the country ‘ungovernable’ and a government that lacks the courage to put them behind bars. Little wonder that the peace we all crave for may remain an illusion for quite some time. Meanwhile, let the affront on human dignity continue.

Gloom, anarchy and doom: right? Viewing Nigeria through the lens of reality alone is like signing one’s death warrant. However, we cannot lose hope. Rephrasing the words of the psalmist: I lift up my eyes unto the hills, from where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. He shall not let your foot be moved. He who keeps you shall not slumber. Behold He who keeps Nigeria shall neither slumber nor sleep!



  1. My BROTHER you aptly captured the peculiar mess our so called rulers has plung the country into.I am particularly pissed off by the evil indefference of the government to this killings.THE sacking of the minister and the NSA will not bring any relief and peace.Why? OUR president lacks the will to initiate and prosecute a war against these killers and their supporters.If you are in any doubt,m ask the former NSA AND former EFCC Boss


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