Boko Haram, A true story, from one in the field


 I am sharing this from one of my younger ones who is a Reverend Father!

The Horror of BH! The Hollowness of these empty wretches who know of nothing else but how to kill, the sheer savagery of these brutes and the callousness of these blood thirsty hordes.
Pray for them and pray for the safety of people like Father Law who place themselves in harm’s way every day to preach the message of God, which is peace, love and justice!


Nna anyi ukwu,
Nice reading your articles and comments on the Boko Haram saga. They make very beautiful reading especially when one considers that you people are writing from your comfort zones and relying more on what is being said or written about the insurgency.
I stay in Maiduguri diocese since last year and am writing from there now. The real stories of the menace are hardly…

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