Nigerian President Sacks Political Affairs Aide [Rising Profile of Social Media?]

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

Alhaji Ahmed Ali Gulak (formerly Presidential Special Adviser on Political Affairs)

Alhaji Ahmed Ali Gulak  (formerly Presidential Special Adviser on Political Affairs)

Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan has just sacked Alhaji Ahmed Ali Gulak, his Special Adviser on Political Affairs.

The announcement was relayed via the twitter handle of the presidential spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati. The tweets are shown below:



This is not the first time that major political news are broken on the new media platforms. Apparently, the rising profile of social media is no longer novel rather traditional news media in Nigeria are constantly paying a catch up. This explains the rising species jump of news stories from the virtual space to offline reality.

The power of immediacy which social media offers cannot be over-estimated, a merit that the politicians are maximizing to their advantage. However, the prominence of rumours and blatant falsehood that the blogosphere offers is becoming alarming. And to think that this lies are now propagated and given a seal of veracity by traditional media who publish without verification.

Again a public official is given a boot via social media. It’s only a matter of time before the next announcement. And what is the fate of traditional mainstream media, especially print  category in this new climate? Will they survive this push of immediacy and keeping up with breaking news? Or crash due to this new wave? Only time will tell.



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