Don Luici

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

Spill not shared times
Nor soil the splendour of a living past
Cast as stone in Agbowo
Seeds sprouted into a virile canopies

Bloody saccharine
Enticed by words, scalpel-like wit
Eyes beaming unending warmth
Humour that glares with charm

Proud of the green passport
Unabashed tenderness for these seven hills
Immersed in Trenchard
Impressed with Orisha and Ekpe across the seas

A speedy spiral, hedged in peace
Grabbing Joseph’s sturdy hands
Climbed those stairs
Same like sixty moons past

Great party you aroused
Telling tales of chivalry yore
Like here surrounded by younglings
So there engulfed by family

Those rascals
Reflection of silvery hair
Adventure of youth
Frail but ever young

The loins grants not fatherhood
Dance now, surfeit with symphony
Pains scourged once, flows now with flames
Pipes piques not tar but beatific fragrance

Now you rest after labouring with no rest
Preaching and teaching love
Seduced first under dimly flare
Contemplate forever with blazing stare


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