Introducing AfricanHadithi

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

The African continent is broad and vast. The stories she nurtures should also be diverse and breathless. That should be the norm for a continent full of vibrant people with stories unending, a combination of all that is human – the good, bad and not so pretty. Yet this is not always the case.

Unfortunately most stories from Africa is coated in the hue of a jaundiced and improvised people. No one doubts that poverty clings fastidiously like a wet garment on many parts of the continent, yet is this not the only story about us? Do we have an exclusive global franchise over hunger, disease, infirmity and all the other vicious things that are being made to look as though it has its foundation in this continent?

What is AfricanHadithi?

AfricanHadithi (Logo)

AfricanHadithi (Logo)

KM: While there are numerous websites that report on African news, not many web resources speak adequately to the experience of the daily lives of Africans. In addition, many Africans are not attentive to the occurrences that take place outside their own countries. AfricanHadithi is a grand experiment borne out of the need to diminish this type of experiential exclusivity. This online portal will exploit this niche opportunity by offering reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, poetry and documentaries with a focus on the cultural life in Africa. With the help of our contributors, we hope to get new, unique and exciting work on content not limited to Politics, Democracy, Fashion, Tourism, Family Life, and Cultural Identity etc. For example, we want your ideas and views on our fast changing socio-cultural context. Is the economic boom even real? Is Africa itself hopeful? Is Africa in a better position to succeed in relation to the rest of the world? How divergent is the African experience from Lagos to Lilongwe?

AfricanHadithi wants to tell the story about Africa. This web portal intends to create a factual and faithful narration about Africa and Africans. A hadithi (Swahili for story) that is neither a sentimental rendition of a forlorn past nor a cosmetic tale of high street modernity. AfricanHadithi will tell the true tale of Africa and Africans – from Alexandria to Lagos; Mombasa to Douala.

This is an ambitious project and it has our support.



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