Ije Enu

By Nwachukwu Egbunike


Does music lead to poetry or poetry to music?

I don’t intend to answer that query. 

All I know is that Celestine Okwu’s “Ije Enu” precipitated this poem.

Enjoy his music, enjoy also my poem! 



Ije Enu!

Despised within

Despoiled without

Defeated on high

Devoured down under

Ije enu!


Accused by gaul

Accursed of gang

Affront to head

Afraid of end

Ndi na-akwa na-akwa!


Within the spirit rebels

Wrenched of space

Wrongs to spite

Wraths in spate

Ndi na-awuli na-awuli!


Drips of bile

Sores spreads

All cast in gloom

Grim comes to glow

Ije uwa!


All around

None is well

Hit all

With nails

Onye na-akwa nu uwa


This pile

That pierces

To pieces

Takes its pale

Ya lote na-uwa na-eruyari


Tendrils can’t hike

Toes are stiff

The heart in shreds

The void of silence

Oburo onye odili mma tata


Its night

All is dark

There’s no moon

No flicker in this doom

Ka oga-adili mma echi!



Ibadan, May 11, 2013


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