The #Baga-185

By Nwachukwu Egbunike 

mr death

Deep in depth

Flashes of lighting

Then the thunder of death

They razed you

From earth

To nether land


Did you cry?

Was the surprise swift?

Did you turn?

Only to die?


Smothered to ashes

A whole village demolished

With rockets and bombs

To die in pain

With none to hear your wails

For Baga is no Boston


What was in your mind?

How was the story

The sordid taste of death

A cruel journey

Through the furnace

A man-made forge


When the news broke in Boston

There’s was a instant reply

No speeches made

They hunted down terror

For terror paid for its crimes

Justice was served with no appetizer


Yours was obviously otherwise

Lost in the savanna of Borno

None to sing of you Baga

None to stand by this #185

Who were pushed into an express train to hell


Caught in the ping-pong of accusations

The haram says they were victims

The army claims they were ambushed

And you – Baga-185 – tossed in the middle

As the cloak to hid their lies

As the sacrifice to the gory of blood

The gods of hate


And the numbness remains

Just another number

For tomorrow another bomb will glow

And more blood flows

Today the blogosphere’s aflame about it

Tomorrow we’ll blog about something else

For its one more incident

And who cares

If these numbers only create numbness



Ibadan, April 23, 2013



    1. Many thanks Dr for your comments. It’s horrid what happened down there. These are times when prose is inadequate to capture once’s feelings.


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