The Ghost of Death Hovers Above Nigeria

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

The past week has been an eruption of many troubles (wahala’s) in Nigeria’s public space. While we were still battling the submersion of many parts of the country to flood, in Mubi and Allu, an orgy of death was imposed on some innocents.

How does one explain that someone would deliberately invade a school, call out 25 students and then go ahead to load them with fiery bullets? I cannot yet fathom the reason for this diabolic act. And hardly has one recovered from the shock, then another equally diabolic act is inflicted on four students of the University of Port Harcourt. Added to it, those who killed this young people were not satisfied with the flow of blood, they went further to appease their accursed appetite by catching the barbaric murder on video.

Truth be told, I do not have the courage to view the video that has gone viral on YouTube. I cannot just stomach the extent of what will unfold. I am yet to recover from the narrations on many social media platforms together with the pictures displayed. How on earth can this happen? What have we turned into? Naturally, the students of University of Port Harcourt have gone amok in revenge.

Blood, blood and more blood! The meter of death has been in a continuous fast flow in Nigeria for the past couple of years. And hardly has one stopped for another to start.

In Auschwitz, Rwanda and during the Nigerian Civil War – I read and saw through the inks of others the continual presence of evil in the world. For those that doubt the existence of Satan, this current ghost of destruction in Mubi and Allu serves to confirm it.

And what is the underlying kernel of this blood flow: when the principal features of a country is grossly undermined, we cannot expect anything less. From time immemorial, people kill and slaughter other citizens and no one is held to account. The attendant consequence is a total lack of trust in our justice system, since a culture of impunity reigns. People have now learnt to take laws into their hands: extra-judicial killings is the resultant effect.

Besides, many of us have continually shouted that the dead are not just numbers. What has happened is that we have become numb to the sanctity of human life. The Nigerian life seem to worth less than a tissue paper. A generation of people have grown to witness the continual slaughtering of men as though they are goats. And as such, we feel no inertia in killing and then filming the orgy of death of others.

In the race to be the first to share – many Nigerian netizens have cultivated an insatiable appetite to be the first to break the news. After the Dana Air crash people who should have been more concerned about saving the injured, were busy taking pictures and hoisting same on Facebook. After every Boko Haram incident, someone has it as his/her duty to post the gory pictures of the dead on Twitter.

Gradually we are turning into technologically induced beasts! We care no longer for the living, giving no damn about the dead and have no compassion on the family of those who have lost their loved ones. What matters is to be the first to break the news on Twitter so that I can get more followers, RT’s and mentions! What have we turned into?


One Comment

  1. Well said….words cannot describe the disgust,pain,shock,anguish,disbelief,that fills my hearts and that of rational thinking Nigerians,I purposely omitted saying all nigerians cos d Allu people are also nigerians and from wat we hv seen are not rational thinking nigerians
    I am not surprised by d recents happenings all ova d world,killing is d order of d day…if its not by Nature,its from man’s inhumanity to man….don’t be shocked afterall this is THE ENDTIME read tru d Book of Revelation didn’t d Bible say dat at dat appointed time brothers will turn against brothers…d boyz killed and allu community r from d south…D dreaded Boko Haram kill their own people too..1hat r we saying…take a look at libya,syria,egypt,isreal den come down to america economic downturn,britain d same and even agitations to split….greece,spain austerity measures…..fathers sleeping with daughters,fathers killings children….”Legalisation of gay marriages…Baba God don tire sef


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