MultiChoice Restores EWTN

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

MultiChoice Nigeria has restored EWTN to their network. We had earlier catalogued public angst to this action in Subscribers React as MultiChoice Nigeria Yanks off EWTN from their Network.

A friend shared this on his Facebook wall:

EWTN is back on dstv! Am watching the station right now! …. Of course am sure! I was watching the mass wit my mum when I posted it! Ave (sic) also seen d brewing messages asking pple to bombard dstv protesting d removal n am sure they saw it wasn’t going to fizzle out so they restored it! Right now we shld still bombard dem wit Mail saying we are glad it’s back! Dat way they won’t dream of touching it ever!

Many thanks to MultiChoice Nigeria for listening to your subscribers. May other corporate organisations learn from you and do the same. And for the protesting subscribers: kindly send an e-mail to MultiChoice, to show your appreciation!


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