Subscribers React as MultiChoice Nigeria Yanks off EWTN from their Network

It is no longer news that MultiChoice Nigeria has ceased broadcasting EWTN in it’s DSTV cable network. What is news is that subscribers are not happy and want EWTN back.

Last month (August 23, 2012), the satellite network announced via it’s Facebook page:

MultiChoice Africa: Termination of NN24 and EWTN

MultiChoice Nigeria wishes to advise DStv subscribers that NN24 (channel 414) and EWTN (channel 348) will be terminating on August 22 and August 31 respectively on the E36B (W7) platform.

MultiChoice considers a number of key factors when assessing the viability of a channel on the platform; these include the cost of distribution, the channel offering within the context of similar channels in that genre, subscriber feedback and the number of viewers and popularity of that channel.

MultiChoice Africa has reached a mutual agreement with the various channel distributors to terminate NN24 and EWTN on the W7 platform.

The reactions flowed from the comments on their Facebook wall – though varied but showed displeasure:

Samuel Ajanson NN24 is a Nigeria channel, why removing it ? If Nigerian decide boycott Multichoice, its revenue will Fall, waiting patiently.

Maximus Ugwuoke This is a sad news for we Catholics in Nigeria! Instead of yanking off this Godly channel, why not remove one of your immoral and useless fashion channels instead. U may lose a customer in me if you yank off my favourite channel

Emeka Chiagoro Ewtn have to remain,u want deny over 20 million catholics their channel ?

Agatha Abah Kolo There is no need to remove a station that touches the lives of millions of people and inspires them. In this decaying world of moral decadence and feel good hedonism we need stations like EWTN that spread the message of worshiping God in spirit and in truth .Dstv please review this decision. let EWTN remain.!!!!!!

How many channels do people watch on dstv. The other channels people don’t bother to watch are in the majority. That is why everyone would tell you that they feel they are subsidizing a lot of unpopular channels. Ewtn is free to air, so the cost of the programme is not a factor. But it is one of the possible reasons you gave for removing it. Therefore like we say in Nigeria “you are just speaking English”. You need to be more sincere and transparent. If dstv channels are about popularity then there is an unexplored market for selective channels at varying price or number in a bundle( to be explored by you). A simple computer programme can do it. Don’t lose focus now. The slide has began for you. Others are trying to break into the market.

Paul Mugisha Something DSTV should know. We subscribe to DSTV because of interests. I invest my 10,000Naira because of EWTN. If the channel can’t be aired I also have ability to vote with my feet. The DSTV arrogance is not acceptable.

Apparently it seems that the deal is done and their is no going back on the stations decision. However, the question remains if this decision is fair, bearing in mind that the subscribers are paying some fees. Which means that if the democracy of the purse were to have an effect, then they should at least have been granted the courtesy to choose.

EWTN reacted thus:

Notice Regarding DStv (Multichoice Africa)

EWTN has received notification from Multichoice Africa (known as DStv) of their decision to cease carrying EWTN Global Catholic Network on their channel lineup, effective as of August 31, 2012. We have since been in contact with representatives of Multichoice and have attempted to see if they would reconsider. Unfortunately, we have been told that the decision is final.

If the reasons ascribed for the removal were to save cost, lack of popularity, etc? Then why are subscribers complaining?

Anthony Oyegunle thinks otherwise:

We are regular viewers of EWTN and we would like EWTN to be restored in DSTV. We do not consider any other channel more qualified as to replace EWTN. We therefore appeal to DSTV to reinstate EWTN in their pool of channels for our viewing. We also suggest that advert on the availability of EWTN in the DSTV would provide the desirable commercial benefits for MultiChoice Africa and various channel distributors..
Dr Chiedum Njoku, Senior Registrar, Department of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital complained that he had sent an email to DSTV, they are yet to respond. The physician thinks that this is the height of insolence and total disregard that the company has for it’s subscribers. And a slap on her Catholic viewers.
Lagos-based artist, Anthony Nsofor, does not think that their reasons holds water. And he made these observations on his Facebook wall:
EWTN is still available for viewing in Nigeria on the following-Infinity Tv, MultiMesh Broadcasting, Ipnx and Trend Tv…these have now become my favoured options to DSTV. For all who need to know- I read the ‘dead’ reason why DSTV supposedly removed EWTN, and think it total bull-!!!!
That’s the down side of a ‘private’ monopoly. It’s about time to ‘deregulate’ the satellite TV industry in Nigeria!


  1. Can we be a little more objective? How many subscribers are really complaining? My first reaction is to think that DSTV has the right to air whatever channel for whatever economic reasons, if those reasons are valid. Let’s not make this look like they are against Catholics until there’s enough evidence to do so.

    Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong with making a case for EWTN by making it clear to DSTV that there are indeed “many” viewers interested in having it back. They will definitely listen.


  2. I concur. I doubt only Catholics view EWTN. However the number of protests will determine how many really care. Mind you that marketing decisions mean little here as EWTN is shown on ‘free’ platforms. There’s definitely more to it! Consider the numerous useless channels – don’t want to mention names – still being shown on dstv, and you’ll agree with me.


  3. Thanks DSTV for restoring EWTN. Since I complained when it was removed and it was put back after a lot of outcry, its fair that I thank these guys for reconsidering. I advise that before terminating a channel it is important that a lot of consultations are made.


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