The PASS Initiative: Western Union to Deliver One Million School Days

With many Nigerians abroad, Western Union Money Transfer is synonymous with  remitting funds back home. But they do not only  send money,  now they want to provide school days for indigent students using every successful pass in this years European League.

Western Union will turn every successful pass in this season’s competition into funding to provide one day’s education for young people around the world

According to UNESCO, 71 million bright, hard-working students globally are not enrolled in secondary or vocational education. This is a tremendous loss of economic and human potential, since each extra year of school can increase an individual’s potential economic opportunity.

Through the PASS initiative, Western Union intends to harness the power of football to build awareness of this challenge as well as deliver on-the-ground support that will make a difference to young people and their communities.

They intend to do this with the personality endorsement of former international footballer, Patrick Vieira. The PASS initiative will start during the group stages of the 2012/13 UEFA Europa League, which kicks off on September 20 across Europe. A press release explained how the PASS initiative will work:

The PASS initiative will convert each successful pass completed during each match played from the Group Stage to the final of the 2012/2013 UEFA Europa League into funds to cover one full day of school for one student, to be allocated and distributed based on the educational needs and costs of each identified market. This initiative will run for the three years of Western Union’s sponsorship of the UEFA Europa League until 2015.

To support PASS, Western Union will also be carrying out a comprehensive marketing and communications programme that will seek to involve its customers and UEFA Europa League fans from around the world.


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