Unveiling the First Female Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mariam Aloma Muktar

Nwachukwu Egbunike

Justice Mariam Aloma Muktar

First Female Chief Justice of Nigeria: Justice Mariam Aloma Muktar

Justice Mariam Aloma Muktar is about to break history. Yes, ‘break’ for she will soon assume a post, which since 1958, seems to be an exclusive reserve of the male kin. With her nomination by the President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Justice Muktar is set to become the first female Chief Justice of Nigeria. Her nomination has to be approved by the Senate and if positive, she will be sworn in as the Chief Justice by the President.

Justice Mariam Muktar is a woman of many firsts. She was the first woman to be appointed into Appeal Court, Nigeria’s second highest court. She will pick the baton from Justice Dahiru Musdapher who retires as the CJN on 15 of July.

This is a summary of the occupants of the seat of Chief Justice of Nigeria and their terms in office since 1958

Chief Justice Term
Adetokunbo Ademola 1958–1972
Taslim Olawale Elias 1972–1975
Darnley Arthur Alexander 1975–1979
Atanda Fatai Williams 1979–1983
George Sodeinde Sowemimo 1983–1985
Ayo Gabriel Irikefe 1985–1987
Mohammed Bello 1987–1995
Muhammad Lawal Uwais 1995–2006
Salihu Moddibo Alfa Belgore 2006–2007
Idris Legbo Kutigi 2007–2009
Aloysius Iyorgyer Katsina-Alu 2009–2011
Dahiru Musdapher 2011- date

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