Still on the Farouk Lawal/Otedola Bribe Scandal

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal talked tough today during the Special Plenary Session of the House convened to discuss the bribe controversy between Farouk Lawal and Femi Otedola. One thing was obvious for those who watched the live broadcast of this session, it was a war! The issue was not merely about the two protagonists – Otedola and Lawal but about the survival of the present leadership of the House of Representatives.

I was certainly not fooled by the grandstanding of the speaker and his insistence on their over-sight function. If only the parliament would focus on it’s under-nose function – their primary responsibility, then we would have had more laws enacted by now. However, that’s a matter for another day.

No one could have missed the almost direct confrontation between the house and the executive. In summary, the lawmakers admitted that while they are no saints, the presidency should also face their work. That they should move from rhetoric to action in the battle against corruption. Almost daring Aso Rock to learn from them!

Nigerians are tired of talk. The problem with our politicians is not that they talk little but that they talk a lot. They do so much of it without anything to show for it. Enough talk, walk the talk!

Nigerian politicians have a huge trust deficit, so no matter the sermon, we find it hard to believe. Na today?

Who do we trust? If Farouk Lawal – once the messiah of open process is now rocking in the boat of alleged corruption…



  1. Where is Abubakar sokoto who by his reaction wanted to view every thing with religious bias.come and defend Lawal now who accepted and promise to refund the $500000. SINCE YOU said that he didnt collect bribe.


  2. NAWAO THIS IS BEYOND IMAGINATIONS. Then who is honest in this country??? To me the only honest nigerian is he who has never had opportunity to be giuen responsibility…. And he is bnnd to fail if tested


  3. Until Jesus come koruption wil not seize in dis nation.Dis is bcus they’l not alow those who wil say d truth 2get there


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