Mulling Over Academic Presentations

By Nwachukwu Egbunike

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My colleague, presented this paper: “Assessing the Validity of Adorno’s Assertion about Popular Songs….” Obviously it was a long titled paper and quite deep in thought. This to my mind remains one of the best – so far – papers that have been presented in the seminar series to which I have subscribed to. However, Adorno (synonym for the presenter) had some flaws in his paper, the methodology was not well grounded. Nonetheless, he mesmerised us with his theoretical framework and his command of English. Who dares asks stupid questions about something you have no clue about?

Another guy did something on Social Media… Mr Citizen Reporter as he is now called, awed the audience so much that there were literally no questions after his presentation. He thought he did a good job, with the confusion he generated, that was until a visiting communication scholar from the US laid hands on his paper. By the time the scholar was through, our dear over-sabi (I too know) has realised that his work in its present form is only fit for the trash can!

Semiotics would not have ruffled any feathers if she had addressed a group of English scholars. Unfortunately, she did not. As her presentation was to unravel the connection between semiotics and advertising. Though she could have done a fairly good job but she left many questions unanswered. In the end, the media audience learnt a new word – the almighty semiotics!

Mama do Good’s intro was superb. Having contracted the official court jester of the group (Kpaimo) to play an audio clip that matched her presentation. Unfortunately, for her, the chief advertising scholar in the faculty was present and Mama do Good was really in trouble. By the time the advertising professor was done, one could only but pity Mama do Good – really to do good does not mean that you’ll be spared of trouble.

Class monitor was lucky to have had his presentation earlier on during the seminar series. His work – Interpersonal Communication (love, kisses and so on) – was a compendium of available literature. We spared him and let him go. However, our monitor seems to have forgotten, the way he tackles others, one would have thought that his presentation was flawless!

Madam Temperament should kindly move over to psychology! I tried to read her character and I think she’s phlegmatic. She gave us a through dose of the four temperaments – sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. In a soft mien she joined the gaps and explained how to manage communication with these different groups.

Arungba – grab your copies now! Tried using a Nollywood movie to make some assumptions about the image they portrayed about the country. Since I have not watched the movie, I cannot say if her conclusions were valid. However, going by the reaction that her paper generated, it was obvious that she moved more of her opinions into what should be a factual research paper. But it seems that one of the professors was intrigued – certainly not with what she presented – but with the potentials that her paper holds.

Oga Cartoons almost blew us over with his big grammar and loads of generalisations. A nice work if the presenter had taken more pains to clarify some points. Has lots of potentials, nonetheless.

Aunty BBA did a poor presentation of her good work. She carefully avoided some questions – or better still pretended not to have heard them at all.

Uncle Organisational Comm gave us a good lecture note. His public speaking skills were superb but his notes were better!

Of course were others who have mounted the rostrum, but I decline comments. Some things are better left unsaid… I have already generated some unrest and have no intentions to cause more wahala!



  1. This shows that a certain number of people in class are very observant of happenings within the class environment. The various presentations so far have come to show that no presentation can be perfect. We only try to be perfect. With time, I believe we would achieve our goals. Nice observations all the same!!!


  2. Thank you very much for this “Nwan”. God bless you for keeping me in the class even after my self-imposed exile. Whao, needless to say I am missing a lot. Cheers


    1. Hi Deji, I was almost going to ask where you’ve been. Moving out of town is no excuse to forget your peeps! Anyway thanks for stopping by.


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