i have you all over me

by mark nwagwu

seeking self fulfilment

i pierced your side

my sins the spear


don’t want your blood to flow
to the ground
i drink it all

i hammered your feet
to the wood my sins
the nail

don’t want the blood to drop
on the ground
i place a pan under your feet
collect the blood

now i bear the pan
on my head well balanced
won’t let it spill

nailed your hands
to unyielding tree shorn of leaves
my sins the blow

don’t want the blood
on the ground
i spread my palms
to meet yours
and collect the blood

and now
i have you all over me
in and out and in again


Mark Nwagwu is the author of Forever Chimes, My Eyes Dance and a collection of poems – Helen, Not of Troy



  1. I just turned to this page because it appeared new to me and behold! it’s a poem I wrote on Our Lord, on the cross, with me, in sorrow, and assistance, standing by. I just could not quite accept that Our Lord’s precious blood would run to the ground.. and so I held my hand up to receive the flowing blood, can’t let it drop on the ground. This poem will appear in a new book-of-poems I’m writing now, for the 50th anniversary of my marriage to my dear wife, Helen, on 30 June, 2012.. Amongst other poems in the book, I think I have about 55 poems on my dear wife, written to her in the past two years or so, since the appearance of Helen not-of-Troy.


  2. Cat Man Dew, the book celebrating 50 years of marriage to my dear wife, Helen, was published in 2012 by BookBuilders, Editions, Africa, Ibadan


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