Bomb Blasting Nigeria?

A new song is on, its bombing blasting.

Left, right and centre, we are on a harvest of explosives. The most recent on occurred in the Police HQ.  If those constitutionally entrusted with our safety were ripped off like over-ripped mango, then heaven save us!

Since the election whistle sounded, our ears have been blasted with bombs. Lives have gone to sleep so soon and for nothing, while blood has gushed off more than our water taps.

Tell me, when will this end? Will it drain off soon like yesterdays media harvest? Dare us go back to our holes and pretend that nothing has happened? That those who have sworn that book is evil yet use the knowledge gained from scrolls to dig our graves.

How soon will justice ascend the dais?  To strike with blinded fury, to atone for the crimes that today make us slaves in our own land? When, when, when?

If words were enough to placate this evil, if the flow of ink could quench this fire, if….

Someone tell me, how can man be this malevolent? What on earth do this blood thirsty vulture seek?

Enough of words, we’ve heard many plenty. No more bombs!

Eloquence should slide to deeds. No more bombs!


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