Q & A with Sowore, Publisher of SaharaReporters

Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of SaharaReporters (SR), described as Africa’s Wikileaks, needs no introduction in the Nigeria’s public sphere.

Sahara Reporters is an online community made up of “citizens reporting the news and writing reports without barriers, oblivious of borders and regardless of frontiers“. The consistency and temerity with which SR has exposed corrupt public officials in Nigeria has earned this online medium a legendary stature in the country. By clipping down the gate keepers and allowing air into the public domain, Sowore’s SR has and continues to, unmask the big masquerade that milks the common good of one of Africa’s largest nation.

Speaking the truth to those power has never been palatable anywhere. Daring to do so in Africa may be the same as signing one’s death penalty. If you have any doubts, ask Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of SaharaReporters. I did ask, see transcript by clicking on this link: Global Voices Online.


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