Nwachukwu Egbunike

This is no time to sit on the fence, no time to tarry. The Nigerian elections finally kicked off last Saturday after a break and quench pre-flight. Despite all that has been said about Jega and INEC, last weekend parliamentary polls confirmed what has been tagged the Nigerian revolution through the ballot box. Many of us who stood up for Jega’s integrity and competence have been vindicated.

What is as clear as daylight was that the parliamentary polls last weekend were the most credible election Nigeria has ever witnessed. For too long we have chanted that June 12, 1993 elections was Naija’s best. With a ting of latent sadness that perhaps we may never witness such clean and clear polls again. However, Jega’s INEC stood up to the test and has taken a clear lead in showing us that things can be done right. That it was better to postpone rather than endorse a fraud.

The presidential and governorship elections will take place soon; that is no news. However, the stakes are high for Nigerians will once again line up in support of candidates that they hope will deliver.

The oft-mouthed cliché, that Africa needs strong institutions not strong men, will form the basis for my voting. The four tenancy contenders of Aso Rock are Goodluck, Buhari, Ribadu and Shekarau.

I must admit that I do not have much respect for parties because Nigeria politics lacks ideological hues. For as much as the PDP has dominated power and with their perceived atrocities over the years, I cannot spot any difference between them and the rest. ACN is practically a one-man business. The CPC came into limelight no sooner than Buhari adopted it. ANPP has always been an AGIP party.

As Nigeria Decides, I’ll vote for those who have translated their promises from mere words to deeds – irrespective party affiliation. My vote will go therefore, not to those who verbalize the ideal but have done nothing to concertize it. Those who have given me the courage to hope again. This is my take as Nigeria Decides!


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