Posters and Elections

As the 2011 General Election draws close, the predominance of printed materials especially posters is certainly enough to restore sight to the blind. Really the temptation to switch profession – from publishing to printing – has never been so strong as within these few months.

In Ibadan, the horizon has been clouded by the varying twigs of Photoshop election banners. More amazing is the different shades and designs for each candidate. The incumbent –  Alao-Akala (PDP) has even versions in Igbo and Hausa. The other candidates Ladoja (Accord Party), Ajumobi (ACN) and others are certainly not in the cold.

What however is not so obvious is if the posters signify the popularity of the contenders or just the availability of funds. Either way, its big buisness of  printers. Hope you collect your fees now, because after the elections, both winners and losses will certainly pay no attention to debts.

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