JP2: The Great!

The Beatification of Pope John Paul II – May 1, 2011

“A new page dedicated to John Paul II for his beatification has been activated on Youtube. The page is available at the following address: and includes video clips on the pontificate year by year, as well as video clips with the Pope’s voice in various languages and situations (on trips and in the Vatican).

“The dedicated Youtube page – as well as the normal channel which has existed for some time in four languages – will be supplied with video clips of current events and information concerning the days of the beatification.

“A new page has also been activated on Facebook concerning John Paul II in view of his beatification. It may be consulted at this All the video clips uploaded to the Youtube channel will be available at the same time on this page.


One Comment

  1. Often times, i struggle to identify the reason why I’m so emotionally attached to JP2. But I think it probably has to do with his charisma and above all, the extra-ordinary way he preached the gospel through his lifestyle. Never before has a pope been so much loved, respected and appreciated by catholics and non-catholics alike, and even by non-Christians. Beholding him is almost like beholding Christ himself. He led many of us to God through the force of his lifestyle and example. For me, he is above all else, a Christian in the real sense of the word and remains my hero.
    He surely, is an example of a modern saint.
    Saint John Paul II: Pray for us.


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