L.A.C.E – A New but Promising Nigerian Vocalist

by Nwachukwu Egbunike

L.A.C.E (Leslie Ezeoke) is a rising hip-hop Nigerian musician and a medical doctor. He trained in the prestigious medical school of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Nigeria.

What baffled some of us, was that he was in med school because his talent as a hip-hop artist was so obvious. He rocked both campuses of the University of Nigeria and amazingly still made it as a doctor. Speaking of multi-tasking, I’ll say that Lace has an exceptional talent as a musician and a prodigiousness intellect as a doctor.

This young upward moving Nigerian artist is just about to unfold and it’s only just that the world gets to know him. Keep it up Lace, the best is yet to come.

L.A.C.E (which stands for Lyrical Ability Controls Everything) is a multitalented hiphop artist based in Festac, Lagos. He is a songwriter, beatmaker, video director and artist. His first commercial foray into the industry was in 2007 when his seminal (self directed) video “gini ki cho” made it into airplay in the then exclusive MTV Base Africa making him one of the only independent Nigerian acts to ever do so. Also a medical doctor, he took time off music to practice his profession and is just recently coming back into circulation with his new single, “On The Block” which talks about his struggle to become Nigerian Hip Hop Royalty. With lyrics like “if you don’t give me my dues, then I’mma take ’em” on the infectious bubble gum hook taken by a fledgeling vocalist on his ‘Fly Fellow Record’ label, Vanessa Morris, he seems to be aiming for both the streets and the Pop charts. The song, with its as yet unreleased music video, is filled with witty one-liners and amazing braggadocio for an MC who is yet to gain popular appeal. (“…all the big names here don’t bother me, ‘cos I seen the game and there ain’t none as hot as me…”) With such talent and confidence, it is obvious he is another big name just waiting to be mentioned.

Websites: Reverbnation and I Want Air Play

Blog: Being the Best Next Thing

Follow on Twitter: Leslie Ezeoke

Facebook Fan Page: L.A.C.E


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