Reporting Business and Economy: A Handbook for Analysts and Journalists

New & Upcoming Book

Author: Vincent Nwanma (2011)

Published by: Nevsin, Lagos

ISBN: 978-978-900-051-7

Nwanma’s Reporting Business and Economy is a kind of DIY of economic reporting. A text that the general reader can understand; but it also empowers any journalist to communicate business and economic content competently. -Emevwo Biakolo

This book simplifies business and financial reporting, stripping the subject of its cultish aura. – Azubuike Ishiekwene

Nothing beats the writer who writes from experience. Nwanma has deftly brought his experience as an economist and business correspondent in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United States to bear so loudly on this book. – Herbert Batta

Reporting Business and Economy, is unlike any other book on the subject; it is one of the few written from the point of view of the Nigerian business environment, and written by a practising professional still active in the daily business of reporting news. – Richard O. Ikiebe

Reporting Business and Economy: A Handbook for Analysts and Journalists provides a guide to journalists and other professionals reporting business and economic issues in Africa. The continuing search for answers to man’s quest for improved efficiency in the allocation of resources is what business and the economy are all about. Telling the stories behind these activities in the most compelling form, is the challenge facing the journalist. This landmark book will help analysts and communicators respond appropriately to this unique task.

VINCENT NWANMA has practised economics and business journalism for over two decades. He graduated in economics from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, and later studied journalism at Columbia University, New York, as a World Bank Scholar.


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