Strategic Marketing of Financial Services in Nigeria

Strategic Marketing of Financial Services in Nigeria

New & Upcoming Book

Author: Chris Ogbechie (2011)

Published by: Feathers and Ink, Ibadan, Nigeria

ISBN (Limp):    978-978-50046-0-1
ISBN (Cased):   978-978-50046-1-8

If I were a student, lecturer or practitioner of financial services I would definitely buy Strategic Marketing of Financial Services in Nigeria and read it through. If I owned a bank, I will make this book a compulsory read for all my employees. Although I am neither of these, I have enjoyed reading the book, and I am giving notice to the few banks that I have shares in to watch out for me in their AGMs. I could be there asking very difficult questions. The answers to my questions will definitely be in this book. – Ekwunife Okoli

Strategic Marketing of Financial Services in Nigeria was motivated by a concern to help improve the effectiveness of the marketing practice, especially in the financial sector. The Nigerian business environment is undoubtly increasing in its complexity, and competition has sharpened in virtually every sector and industry. Power has shifted from producers towards the consumers. Today’s consumers are more articulate and more informed about what they want to purchase than ever before. Producers/service providers have not only to satisfy their requirements, they also have to be sensitive to them. Effective marketing especially in the conservative area of banking involves providing a coherent and well-thought out strategy as well as tactical flexibility and clarity for a complete all round company performance – the triple bottom-line.

Chris Ogbechie has a first class honours degree in mechanical engineering from Manchester University and an MBA from Manchester Business School. He has wide experience in marketing and strategy derived from his work as Head of Marketing/Sales at Nestle Nigeria, Xerox and from his consulting work with Nigerian firms over the years. While in Nestle he had wide international exposure in Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland. He has been involved with several start-ups and he is on the board of several companies, private and public. He teaches strategy and corporate governance in Lagos Business School, Pan African University, Lekki, Lagos. He is currently doing his PhD work in corporate governance in Brunel University, UK. Ogbechie’s research interests are in strategic planning, corporate governance and board effectiveness. He has several publications in financial services marketing, strategic planning, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. The author is currently working on another book: Re-engineering the Nigerian Society through Social Marketing.


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