Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: 2010 Idol of Truth

Nwachukwu Egbunike

Nigeria groans in a perpetual season of glitch because many are afraid to speak plainly to power. And when they do, these elites only flare up fallacious sophistries that try to perfume the stench of their defecation. One man spoke recently about the looters in the National Assembly and dared them to contradict him. For this singular action, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is my person of the year.

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank, has a stirring testimonial. This Prince of Kano attended a Catholic primary school. He’s an economist and a Khartoum-trained Islamic scholar. Sanusi headed Nigeria’s 100-year old First Bank. He got his first introduction to Western philosophy in the Sudan, where he read Plato and Aristotle in Arabic and was introduced to post-modernism, Islamic mysticism, comparative religion and cultural studies.

Sanusi seems to court controversies. Starting with the volcano he ignited in the Nigerian banking industry in August 2009, which sailed five head bankers into jail. While the passionate and at times irrational perception in the public sphere was divided – for and against him – the prince from Kano stood his ground and booted the bankers. Though I don’t subscribe to Sanusi’s propensity to use his vocal cords ever so often, yet one thing was certain, those affected deserved the sack.

The Central Bank Governor, refused to be browbeaten into recanting his statement that the National Assembly’s budget for overhead is 25.4% of the nation’s total. Despite the thuggish stance of our legis-looters, Sanusi stood by his words and did not blame them on oft-recycled alibi of being misquoted by the press nor shamefully denial.

Here is a man who insists that his name is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and not Central Bank Governor. He did not ruse the flimsy victimisation slogan of most Nigerian politicians. Sanusi did not blame his travails in the National Assembly as ‘marginalisation’ nor did he insist that the zoning policy of should be maintained in retaining him as CBN governor.  Rather, he looked into the eyes of our MP’s and told them to take a vacation to the infernal pit! You can sack me if you want, but what I said is just the plain truth.

For saying the truth and not denying it; standing firm and not fizzling out before an irrational mob; Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is my person of the year 2010. May your tribe increase! More role models needed, because 2011 will be a rather trying year for ‘principled’ Nigerian politicians and public figures.


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  1. I am a Nigerian who had contributed to the macro- economy and finances of Nigeria since 1992/93 while in Europe at a time the oil market was to be given away to help Russia by the sympathizing European union. The polemic that I started and the ordeals I went through to authenticate the need for preferential treatments for Nigeria has been helping this country since 1995. I need help having been denied the benefits. HelpSanusiHelp


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