What the Pope said about Condoms

By John Paul Ezeani

There has been a media storm following certain words hacked out of context from the book ‘Light of the World’ by Peter Seewald, which detailed his interview of Pope Benedict XVI. Due to the deliberate confusion the liberal media has tried to spread about certain comments of the Pope’s- with a certain degree of success- I decided to put together write-ups which I believe will help clarify the issue for Catholics who may have been confused by what is being propagated by the media. Please take time to read them, and then please pass them on to fellow Catholics.

But first, I would like to add a few words of my own. The entire brouhaha is just a new strategy from the stables of the liberal media, who have decided to try a new tack on the Pope- they hope flattery will succeed where intimidation and slander have so far failed. The new strategy is two pronged. If the flattery doesn’t work, then they hope that the discontent they believe is boiling beneath the heart of every Catholic would finally erupt and force the change they so desire.

As for Kehinde Oyetimi’s (Sunday Tribune, November 28, 2010) claim that a great percentage of American Catholics use one form of contraceptive or the other, or are clamouring for a relaxation of Church teaching on the matter, I say: So? Do we now determine what is right and wrong by the majority, or by the difficulty of people to adhere to truth? There are Catholics who have had abortions.

Does that make it right? Many Catholic politicians in Nigeria are part of the corruption culture. Should we then legalize corruption? Should we legalize armed robbery simply because it won’t go away? As the Holy Father said in the same Light of the World (p146), “Statistics do not suffice as a criterion for morality”

Let us all try to keep in mind the words of Our Lord, that few people find the narrow gate. And if their consciences (those Catholics who use contraceptives) are being bothered by their contravention of moral law, let them take to mind at this time the words of the Pope: “…this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do whatever one wants.” Given their circumstances, I believe they’re in the best position to understand.

Secular bodies and most other churches keep shifting positions in matters of morality in order to accommodate the weaknesses of Man, instead of compelling people to confront themselves. In so doing, these churches have betrayed their duty to speak the truth always and, like the Ahab’s prophets, prefer to tell their listeners that which they want to hear.
The Pope on the other hand- and, by extension, Catholic Church- will continue to speak the truth to all peoples. It’s her (the Church’s) duty to tell them that what they’re doing is wrong because she desires their salvation and not their satisfaction.

Finally, I encourage Catholics to read the words of the Pope for themselves, and stop waiting for the diluted and twisted versions that spring from the liberal media. Then they should look to their bishops for clarification. The prudent ones are doing this already, having learned a lesson from the lecture of Regensburg.

And we should pray for the Pope as well. It’s the least we can do.


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