Lucky Jo and the 2011 Presidential Sprint

Nwachukwu Egbunike

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The debate persists about Jonathan Goodluck’s (Lucky Jo) interest (or non-interest) in the 2011 presidential elections. The political anxiety was heaped up with the claimed ‘gentleman’ rotational arrangement within the Peoples Democratic Party between northern and southern Nigeria. While the national conversation continues, the recent nod by Olusegun Obasanjo and Isa Yuguda calling on Lucky Jo to contest does Jonathan no good.

Jonathan has every right as a Nigerian to vote and be voted for, irrespective of any deal to the contrary. Besides the PDP’s illicit arrangement is unreasonable and contradicts the nation’s constitution. Moreover, who are these faceless politicians who dare to decide for Nigerians who will rule them? The reality is that the man on the streets cares less if the president is from Mars, as long as the common good is ensured. In other words, the anachronistic bias of tribe, nationality or religion is irrelevant in deciding who occupies Aso Rock.

Mr Obasanjo with his over-bloated ego as the ‘father of modern’ Nigeria still dreams of dominating the political space even after losing an attempt to rule forever via the third term bid. He foisted a sickly Umaru Yar’Adua on Nigeria, and shouted to all who cared to listen that this was the best a nation of 150 million people could have as a leader. While Yar’Adua became critically ill, Obj severed the umbilical cord and attempted to rewrite history by ever denying knowledge of the poor man’s ill health.

And now the same Obj wants to cruise on the public sympathy for lucky Jo to anoint him president. This is rather excruciating. Nigerians are no morons. As much as Jonathan has carried himself with some dignity and shown by his actions that he can bring about the change we all crave for, nonetheless, he should distance himself from Obasanjo. This is not a matter for flowery words, the moment public perception tilts towards an Obj-Jo joint presidency that is the beginning of the end. In that regard, Jo’s former boss, Yar’Adua asserted himself and made it obvious that he was no one’s puppet.

In addition, it is difficult to understand the way Nigerian politicians’ reason. The Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda, who until recently was the heir to the throne has made a 360 degrees mutation. Hear Yuguda, “every qualified Nigerian, including President Goodluck Jonathan, has every right to contest the presidential election; we must go by the constitution. We want acceptable and reputable person.  That is the leader Nigerians currently want.”

Pray, is this a joke? What happened to the not long cry that Yar’Adua can rule forever! I am shocked that people can be so unprincipled and move with any available current as long as their personal ambition is protected. While it may seem heroic that the in-law of the late president is trumpeting Lucky Jo’s credentials, this is only superficial. It validates ones again the overbeaten maxim that in politics there is no permanent friendship only permanent interests. What keeps me wondering is that our politicians think we are chronically demented. What seems to matter is that Nigerians forget a lot and as such no one keeps tag on their past actions and inactions.

This romance is becoming too close for comfort and the earlier Jonathan disassociates himself from the Otta farmer, the better for him. Same goes with Yaguda. A free counsel; take it and you be better for it, ignore same and you’ve just invited the vultures for a feast.


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