When ‘Siddon Look’ Sways to ‘Stand and Be Counted’

Nwachukwu Egbunike

Enough is Enough

It was particularly refreshing to watch and listen to these young Nigerians who are tired of the infinitesimal betrayals of their rights as citizens: speak against the spirals of lies and deception seems to characterise our national life. These youths – supposedly leaders of tomorrow – have been active on the internet (blog sphere, social networking sites), where the comfort of anonymity reigns supreme. They now wish to assert their rights by stepping out of cyberspace to the real world.

Enough is enough!’ is their battle cry. Each of them, men and women of my generation, lifted up their voice in unison to outline their frustration. However, their exasperation is not is not defeatist, rather is portrays a strong love for country. Nonetheless, their patriotism is not naive, a fantastical delusion of ‘say no evil, it is well’ and other absurdities that our politicians delude themselves in.

Enough is enough! Claiming my privilege as writer, a citizen of Nigerian and essentially because am involved, I support this march in March. I want my votes to count. It is not a privilege but my birth right. I want credible elections, being able to determine who leads me. Enough of the incongruous godfatherism called (s)elections. Give me only these, so that I can hold the political class accountable. Let my rights as a citizen count.

Enough is enough! For that happen, then Jonathan should have the courage (not good luck) to boot out Maurice Iwu, revamp INEC and adopt Uwais Electoral Reform. Obviously, he cannot do that alone, that’s where the National Assembly should do more than being a hall of shame. Give us credible elections, Mr Jonathan Goodluck and all other good things will follow.

Enough is enough! You see I ask for little. I don’t really expect a miraculous overnight transformation of my country’s corrupt and incompetent leaders. Am not so inspired to think, even for a second, that power will be restored 24/7; that roads will be paved with asphalt and the craters therein will disappear or that water will soon start flowing from my rusted pipes, just because of a protest. Nonetheless, Naija youths only seek to be heard, above the cacophony of voices that are bent to ruin our collective destiny.

Enough is enough because I am passionately in love with Nigeria. In the words of the grand old man of Nigerian letters, Chinua Achebe, “the hard words Nigeria and I have said to each other begin to look like words of anxious love, not hate.”


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