Mr Rule of Law, Obey the Law, Please Go!

Nigeria’s Mr Rule of Law is sick. That’s no news. What’s new is that prominent Nigerians have asked Mr Umaru Yar’Adua to obey the law and kindly resign. For once, someone is dares tells the king the truth.

Mr Umaru Yar'Adua

The health calisthenics of our squash loving president, got to a crescendo with the rumour of his death. Then a nation of famed 120 million people was tied to the sick-bed of our president with the innuendos of succession and the pressure on Goodluck – that extremely lucky chap – to resign. All in the name of preserving a famed rotational slot by discredited kingmakers in PDP.

As usual, the ever pious Nigerian civic space has been clogged with the call for prayers for our ailing president. As if the man must rule. My prayer is that he gets better, no doubt. Nonetheless, I’ll also add that he needs to leave Aso Rock permanently for Katsina. There, he has better chances of recovery. For heavens sake, Mr Yar’Adua should not hold the entire country to ransom. Spare us this national drama.

Please Yar’Adua, resign honourably. For once pretend to observe your highly acclaimed rule of law, go home to Katsina. The presidency is not your birth right.  Obey the law, please go!


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