Nwachukwu Egbunike

E se Baba

E se Baba

It really started as a joke, Patrick Enahalo proposed the idea that I start a blog. I really didn’t take to it initially, thinking that it will only be an avenue to massage my vanity. However, he was quite persistent and besides he made me see it as a good opportunity of expressing my thoughts. A year ago, on this date I hosted my first post on this blog and since then it has been writing non-stop.

Writing in Nigeria is quite a task, an excursion into the deep and captivating world of words. A writer in this country cannot complain of themes to write about. Although it may happen from time to time, that the ink pot gets dry. Nonetheless, a look out of the window always produces a sensational aspect of this country (that many love as they hate) that is as unique and most times frustrating.

Many a times, I have been accused of being naively positive, unrealistic and critical. Thats the writers burden, to mirror society. Nonetheless, the writer is no plain being devoid of perspective or bias. To always complain about things in this country, will be a very saddening punishment for anyone.

Certainly, I rather not be in a state of excruciating melancholy over things that are beyond my control. If our politicians have sworn an oath to ensure that nothing works, I will only ensure that my pen keeps on flowing, rolling out words that will keep me sane and act as a constant alarm to them. Same goes for those whose stock in trade is to push the tyranny of fashion, dictators of relativism and morality.

Lest I get carried away. This blog started with posting “S.T. Bajah’s Immortal Legacy”, I hope I continue writing… Having come this far, I can only say E se Baba, as Feathers Project clocks one year today.


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