Nwachukwu Egbunike

May the most just and most lovable will of God be done, be fulfilled, be praised and eternally exalted above all things. Amen, Amen. – St. Josemaría, (The Way: 691)

Mr Leo Uzoh

Mr Leo Uzo

No matter how hard it appears the reality is that Leo Uzo has gone the way of all mortals. After a 66 year sojourn, Leo bade farewell to this planet to a warm embrace with his Creator. That in itself nonetheless, has not stopped the tears from flowing. Being human, I would have loved that he tarries awhile with us; being Christian, am convinced that Leo has only changed home.

Whence does this certainty come from? Can it not be a delusion or a mere courtesy of speaking well of the dead? In Leo’s case, his life was a testimonial that Christianity is no hallucination. That while most of us carry on with life as if there is no eternity, Leo lived with eternity always focussed before him. That does not mean that he left the legitimate concerns of his peers, secluding himself within the confines of the sacristy. On the contrary, he strode the streets of Lagos as a man in love with the world.

Leo was a man of many parts, a pharmacist, writer, teacher and a great parent. He was passionate about the transmission of values to both the young and not so young. Leo was a shinning example to those of us struggling to build up our careers.

While I commiserate with the Leo’s family on the death of their patriarch and friend, I am certain that his labours have not been in vain. God gives and he takes, not like a hunter (who shots down his prey) but like a farmer (who only takes the ripe fruit).

May Leo’s soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.


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