Trust he said is a burden
Trust i know is a blessing
Trust without trust
Is the worst of all mistrust

Can we live without trust?
In these days of ’19
Can i give and keep my crust
Knowing that i betray my core

Its all in the oppugn
What if i disown my promise
Freedom from doubt
Makes the world open

Can I Trust You?

Can I Trust You?

Can i trust you?
Can i make bond?
Give my word?
Keep my pact?

To doubt is human
To trust is higher
To remain in doubt is natural
To break a trust is infernal

Can a man keep his words?
Can one take back what he has given?
Is it super to promise?
What makes one keep a promise?

Beasts keep no bargain
Irrational in essence
To break a trust
Is to turn into a beast.

On and on can go on
Yet the more i reckon
More am surefooted
Man can freely keep or break his word.

Why? cos his free
Yet more free when he keeps his tact
Cos then he reflects
The Simple, The Faithful and The Truth.

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